Fish Finder Myths Debunked

Fish Finder Myths Debunked

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It’s true that fish finders are sometimes regarded as “dubious.” This is not the case at all! When used correctly, they may really enhance your fishing experience.

Still, there are a few misconceptions about fish finders and how they operate, so let’s clear up the muddle!

Myth #1:You shouldn’t turn on your finder in shallow water – the transducer’s noise will scare off the fish

FALSE. The marine environment is a noisy place! Even if the transducer alarms fish from time to time, keeping it on is more beneficial in the long run than turning it off! Other boats create noise in the water, bait fish make noise, grass that grows through the surface produces noise, and if a bass attacks some forage, it creates sound!

Myth #2: If you roam the shorelines during springtime, and don’t target deep fish, you don’t need a finder

FALSE. Even if you’re fishing on a familiar beach, keeping your finder on makes all the difference in detecting minor changes in the waterbed that would otherwise go unnoticed in murky or choppy water. After all, the bottom isn’t completely constant.

It’s possible that using your sounder to detect even the tiniest change may lead you to an area where a lot of fish are hiding out. Your fish finder can not only help you identify structural changes, but it can also aid in better understanding of fish behavior!

Fish Finder Myths

Myth #3: The fish finder lies! It shows that there are fish down there, but there really aren’t!

TRUE, but… You must keep in mind that the fishfinder is not a god! It might be incorrect, like all other electronic gadgets, such as PCs and cellphones! It’s possible that there’s vegetation beneath your boat or some other cause for the finder to show as an arch but truly something else. Even though this myth is true, it isn’t precise enough to negate the use of a finder entirely!

Remember, the benefits of employing the finder far outweigh any minor drawbacks.

If you’re confident enough in your findings and see with your own eyes that there are no fish beneath the boat, and yet your finder continues to indicate something is there, check it out! You’ll be shocked at what you learn!

Don Allphin tells of a story he had while fishing on Strawberry Reservoir in Utah. He was fishing for big cutthroat trout on Strawberry Reservoir in Utah and came across a shoreline with a shelf that extended a little from the bank before dropping off. He propped his bait against the cliff so he could rest while waiting for any fish to appear.

The bottom lurched, and his bait vanished, disappearing into a 25-inch cutthroat’s mouth! You can image his surprise!

The moral of the story is to keep your fish finder on.

Shane Baker

Shane Baker

My name is Shane Baker and when I am not with my family or working here I am out fishing! I caught my first fish when I was 6 – it was a trout at a stocked pond here in TX. Ever since fishing has been a passion of mine!

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