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Shane Baker

Who Is Behind Fish Finder Source?

Fish Finder Source is a family-owned business based in Dripping Springs, TX. My name is Shane Baker and when I am not with my family or working here I am out fishing! I caught my first fish when I was 6 – it was a trout at a stocked pond here in TX. Ever since, fishing has been a passion of mine!

I started Fish Finder Source to help you find the best possible fish finder you can. We have high level partners throughout the country that will ship your Finder to you overnight (in most cases).

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Fish Finder Experts

At Fish Finder Source, we have one goal, and one goal only: to help you find the right fish finder and catch as many fish as you can! Nothing would make us happier than you catching “the big one” with one of our fish finders!

We focus solely on the best fish finders (and related gear), so we can provide the best service to you and guide you in choosing the right fish for your fishing style and boat.