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Lowrance Elite 5 TI Review

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The Lowe brothers are well-known for their passion for fishing, and they have made a name for themselves in the industry. They know that serious anglers want a fishfinder with the most up-to-date and best technologies, which is why they provide all of these features together to form an intuitive and successful addition to their equipment. This is precisely what the Elite-5 Ti delivers, which is the top model in Lowe’s highly regarded Elite range. With characteristics tailored to fit any type of fisherman, this is a fishfinder that should be part of everyone’s kit before they depart on their trip.

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There are several other Lowrance fishfinders on the market, but this one is superior to them all. This is especially true of the Ti-enhanced Elite55 HDI, which looks outdated by comparison. The newly developed Chirp technology enhances targeting and mapping capabilities, as previously stated. Of course, with better functionality comes a higher price; most people anticipate paying around $550 for the Elite-5 Ti. It’s also possible to upgrade from the Elite-5 Ti to the Elite-7 Ti for an additional $250, with both having similar features but a larger display.

Chirp Technology

The Elite-5 Ti, while not named “Chirp,” makes extensive use of Chirp technology. This implies a variety of things for the user, including the device’s capacity to display targets at a significantly higher resolution, so you can see exactly what is beneath your boat with greater clarity. It succeeds in giving extra information without adding more clutter above the fish by utilizing several frequencies. The finer details of these fish photos allow them to be easily recognized and then marked correctly. This identification is aided by the Advanced Fish Symbol I.D., which instantly recognizes several sorts of fish in the water.

Lowrance’s Chirp technology isn’t the only one out there, as Garmin and other manufacturers employ it on their products as well. The integration of the technology, however, on the Elite-5 Ti is unrivaled.

DownScan Imaging and StructureScan

The Elite-5 Ti’s display is enhanced by Chirp and DownScan Imaging, which provide a better look at the underwater terrain. Both of these technologies capture not just beneath the boat, but also to each side of it, giving a wider perspective of the area. When you combine them and incorporate Chirp technology into the mix, there aren’t many fishfinders that can compete with the Elite-5 Ti in terms of clarity.

The definition of an image can also be adjusted manually by changing the frequency to match water depths. The frequency should be higher in shallower water and lower in deeper water. This implies that it may be utilized in waters of all depths, making it ideal for usage in both saltwater and freshwater. If you’re going somewhere particularly hot/cold, don’t worry; the gadget is capable of operating from 5° to 131° Fahrenheit.

Never Forget a Great Spot

Discovering a new fishing site may be thrilling for some anglers. The issue is, though, that when you return, you may often forget where this fantastic place was! The Elite-5 Ti solves this problem by including the Trackback feature, which allows you to mark favorite locations so that you can easily navigate back to them. It may keep a massive 3,000 waypoints in memory, which should be enough for most people. With the accurate GPS, they will be found without difficulty. The navigation unit is pre-installed with a detailed map of the United States, but you may install maps from other nations if necessary. If you use up all of the space on the microSD card, it comes with an option to expand it.

Backed by a Warranty

Some buyers may be concerned about paying such a high amount for the Elite Ti fishfinders, since they are from the most costly collection from Lowrance. There’s no need to be scared, as Lowrance is so sure in its product that it extends a one-year warranty. So you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn’t work properly.


The Edge-5 Ti is one of the most capable fishfinders on the market, able to match or outperform the performance of nearly all of its competitors. For most people, the incredibly clear pictures are the highlight, although the Trackback feature and numerous downloadable maps are also significant high points. So, if you’re searching for a fantastic fishfinder, you won’t go wrong with a Lowrance Elite-5 Ti.

Check prices and reviews

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