53 Fly Fishing Sites To Make You A Better Fisherman

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It’s not just a pastime; it’s a way of life for many people. There’s nothing quite like a weekend on the lake, tying flies, and reeling them in. There’s just so much to understand about fly fishing that it may be daunting at times, therefore we should all learn as much as possible. There are a lot of fly fishing blogs on the internet, but we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 51 fly fishing websites/blogs for you. These are the finest products we discovered – and there were a lot of them. The majority of these blogs are fly fishing diaries, which are the greatest methods to learn about fly fishing. It’s similar to looking over a more experienced angler’s shoulder. The best fly fishermen on the planet share their stories and advice through these websites, which are both entertaining to read and full of amazing photos. You’ll be able to learn from the greatest and become a better fly fisherman. Without further ado, here are the top 50 fly fishing blogs to help you improve your skills! Note: These are in no particular order.


troutnut TroutNut is the perfect site to visit if you want to learn about aquatic insects and which ones to use while fly fishing. TroutNut has a comprehensive encyclopedia of aquatic insects, as well as pictures and extensive biological information. There’s also a fantastic collection of fly fishing articles to read. TroutNut is the place to go if you want to become “the dictionary” of fly fishing.

Kajana Club

Kajana Club Ani is a seasoned fly fisher with over 20 years of expertise and 7 years of writing about fishing. She shares her enthusiasm for fly fishing with the world through books and courses to help people improve their skills. Anni enjoys getting others into fly fishing, and you’ll discover thought-provoking and educational material on her blog.

Gink and Gasoline

Gink and Gasoline Gink and Gasoline is a 4-person team of fly fishing diehards that runs the site. It features evaluations of the newest fly fishing equipment as well as intriguing tactics to help you improve your skills. Make sure to get one of their many Giveaways, where they feature and give away outstanding fly fishing gear. After all, you can never have too much, right?


troutbus The journey of a lifetime for many, with each stop offering something new to experience. These buses are loved by individuals who want to live as naturally as possible while also seeing the world. The driver is Gabe Parr, who set out on a mission – in a bus – across the country to spread the word about conservation. Gabe goes from town to town, meeting people, going for a day fishing or trekking, raising awareness, then hops back in the bus and is off again! If you enjoy fly fishing and want to learn more about conserving nature, this is an excellent trip.


FlyGal April Vokey is a certified casting instructor and conservationist with the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF). She runs a fly fishing trip business in British Columbia, which she originally established as a way to get more women interested in fly fishing. Soon afterward, the fellas wanted in on the action! Check out FlyGal for April’s unique suggestions, particularly on how to tie various sorts of flies!

The Fiberglass Manifesto

The Fiberglass Manifesto The Fiberglass Manifesto is the work of Cameron Mortenson, a fiberglass rod enthusiast. The blog was originally created to raise awareness for fiberglass rods and manufacturers, but it has since expanded to discuss reel makers, gear creators, fly tiers, photographers, and other industry-related topics. There are also fly fishing diaries with lots of photographs in them.


Troutrageous Troutrageous is written and edited by Michael Agneta, a passionate fly fisherman. Troutrageous represents the life of a fly fisherman to a tee – you’ll read about everything from fishing news to gear evaluations to fishing vacations, as well as family news. Mike’s postings are entertaining and an excellent way to pass the time while you’re not able to go fishing thinking about fishing instead.

Nomad Anglers

Nomad Anglers Nomad Anglers is your one-stop shop for everything fly fishing. Their store has all of the equipment you’ll need to get started with fly fishing, as well as useful information on how to maintain your tackle box full. The benefit of reading other people’s fishing experiences is that you’ll learn a lot more from it than you would from a tutorial or book!

Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

Oregon Fly Fishing Blog The Oregon Fly Fishing Blog is a comprehensive blog about fly fishing. On their website, you’ll find everything you need to know about fly fishing. They have industry alerts, news items, the most up-to-date equipment evaluations, and lots of useful information and hints. Their blog’s best feature is its fly tying video library, which has excellent instructions on how to tie flies.

Simpson Fly Fishing

Simpson Fly Fishing Simpson Fly Fishing is a website dedicated to all things trout fishing, run by a father-son team with over 70 combined years of fly fishing expertise. Their site is actually a companion to their book Ramblings of an Aging Angler (which you should absolutely read), but there’s plenty to learn even if you just visit their site!

Mid Current

mid current Mid Current is a large online community of fly fishing enthusiasts who offer their knowledge, skills, and experiences on the Mid Current website. You’ll discover information, films, photo galleries, books, and even guided fly fishing trips in your area. Their methods library is also quite big, so anybody can learn something from it-even if they’re not into fishin’!

Trouts Fly Fishing

Trouts Fly Fishing The website of Trout’s Fly Fishing, an online fly fishing superstore, is a great source for informative and entertaining material. You’ll discover fly fishing tactics, industry news, reports from your favorite fishing destinations, and videos and photographs. Because they are an internet retailer, they also have some excellent and unbiased blog articles about the newest fishing equipment.

FlyGuys.net | Fly Fishing British Columbia

FlyGuys We provide the latest and greatest in Fly Fishing products, including premium rods and reels from prestigious companies like Hardy & Daiwa, Downriggers from Johnson Inflateables (J.I.), WF’s Learn to Fish Kits for children aged 3-10 years old, as well as kayak fishing accessories from Wilderness Systems. Our online fly shop has everything you need for your next adventure into British Columbia’s trophy trout still water. Entomology (the aquatic insects that trout eat), fly tying & fly patterns (to best imitate the aquatic insects that trout eat), fish food suggestions, knots, solunar tables, web cams, and so much more!

Women’s Fly Fishing

Women’s Fly Fishing Women’s Fly Fishing is an Alaska-based fly fishing guide dedicated to helping women rediscover the joys of outdoor adventures and fly fishing. They also have guides, fishing reports, and basic fly fishing information geared towards women. So give this link to your special lady if you want her to try fly fishing!

Tenkara Tracks

Tenkara Tracks Paul Vertrees maintains a blog called Tenkara tracks on which he discusses Tenkara fly fishing. The basic setup for Tenkara is quite simple, only utilizing a long rod, a line, and a fly to catch fish. Because of the tiny size of the rod, it’s very easy to access mountain streams that would be inaccessible with Western rods. Check out Paul’s blog if you want learn more about Tenkara fishing!


Streamers365 Streamers365 has hundreds of different steamers to choose from, and how to connect them. It began as a one-year project in 2012, and it continues today. They will post your streamer for you if you send them a copy. Visit Streamers365 on a regular basis, and you’ll be sure to never run out of inspiration!

Moldy Chum

Moldy Chum Moldy Chum is a fly-fishing and conservation blog with a tongue-in-cheek tone. You’ll discover a place for freebies, a weekly contest where you can submit your biggest catch (with a photo, of course!), and a pin-up gallery of lovely ladies fishing – what more could you want?

Nick Hart Fly Fishing

Nick Hart Fly Fishing Nick Hart is a fly fishing instructor from the United Kingdom who has been teaching people about fly fishing for the past ten years. His fly fishing business has become one of the most popular in the UK, and on his blog, you’ll find tackle reviews, fishing reports, tactics and techniques, as well as stories about some of Nick’s favorite fly-fishing destinations.

Tenkara Grasshopper

Tenkara Grasshopper One of the most in-depth websites about Tenkara fishing, the traditional Japanese form of fly fishing, is Tenkara Grasshopper. You’ll discover everything you need to know and learn more about Tenkara fly fishing on the website: equipment, process, suppliers, and more.


TaffDiaries Terry Bromwell maintains TaffDiaries, where he records his frequent weekend salmon fishing excursions on the River Taff and other waterways in South Wales, Great Britain. Terry’s postings are jam-packed with information and photographs, so subscribing to him will give you a wealth of knowledge and cool methods for your own fishing adventures.


UrbanTrout UrbanTrout is one of the few fly-fishing blogs focusing on environmental action. While other blogs focus on fishing excursions and equipment, UrbanTrout’s objective is to raise public awareness for cleaning up and maintaining streams and rivers that flow through crowded cities – in fact, as many urban waterways have gotten considerably cleaner, trout and other freshwater fish are now returning to them. UrbanTrout focuses on fishing in urbanized areas and encourages conservation.

Arizona Wanderings

Arizona Wanderings Ben writes about hunting, fishing, and traveling in the magnificent Southwest. The Gear Reviews section and Ben’s “My Fly Box” area are two of the best places to go for fly anglers on Arizona Wanderings. You can also discover the AZ Wanderings store and purchase some of Ben’s hand-tied flies if you want to play around with professionally tied insects.

Small Stream Brown Trout Fishing

Small Stream Brown Trout Fishing Richard, the angler behind it, is a very focused fisherman! Richard primarily posts on his blog to document his fishing trips and photographs, with some personal experience and suggestions interspersed throughout each post. If you want to catch brown trout in tiny streams, Richard’s blog is a fantastic resource or a great place to get ideas!

Drowning Worms

Drowning Worms Drowning Worms is a fly fishing blog that delivers what you’d anticipate from a such publication – tackle reviews, fishing stories, and techniques. Where it really shines and distinguishes itself is that anyone can become an author. They’re open to contributions, so anybody can start writing about fly fishing and building their reputation as a specialist! You may be a gear expert, a fishing guide, or anything else you like when it comes to equipment.

Hip Wader

Hip Wader is a hilarious fly fishing blog with a humorous edge. They’ve got a nice forum, and they provide lots of useful information on fishing reports and other matters related to fly fishing and tying.

Angling Addict

Angling Addict Angling Addict is the fly fishing enthusiast’s site. Rob has always been a big fan of fishing and, one Christmas after purchasing his father a kayak, he discovered the benefits of kayaks for fishing! On Angling Addict, you’ll find his excursions as well as an extremely useful section on kayak rigging and gear evaluations so if you’re a kayak fly fisherman, you’ll feel right at home.

A Fisherman’s Journey

A Fisherman’s Journey Tim Mair has a challenging goal: to capture an indigenous trout from every river in the nation. You may follow him on his website, A Fisherman’s Journey, as he travels across the UK looking for a catch from each and every river. The most difficult part is finding all of the water bodies, and you can also keep track of where he discovers new places.

The Unfamous Fly

The Unfamous Fly The Unfamous Fly is a fly fishing blog following the exploits of Kenneth Halley in Scotland. The Unfamous Fly is one of Scotland’s most popular fly fishing blogs, and for good reason. Kenneth publishes direct and honest fishing reports, as well as his views on gear and where he goes to fish.

Waterdog Journal

Waterdog Journal Waterdog Journal is the brainchild of Ken. He originally launched the blog as a means to keep track of his fly fishing adventures, and you’ll notice that “how” of fishing is frequently interspersed throughout his writings, which are primarily concerned with “why.” When it comes to fishing, the question “why” is an important one, and if you’re seeking for motivation or ideas for how to express your “why” thoughts in words, you may find that Ken has already articulated them for you!

Aspiring Fly Fishing

Aspiring Fly Fishing A fantastic read, Aspiring Fly Fishing is a blog from New Zealand-based professional fly fishing guide Paul Macandrew. The majority of his postings are diary entries of his encounters with clients on fishing trips. It’s interesting to see how Paul fulfills those demands in order for his customers to really enjoy themselves, as it shows that each of Paul’s clients is different and has unique requirements.

Duranglers Blog

Duranglers Blog Duranglers is a fly fishing outfitter that creates a quick but informative blog. The majority of the material will be fish reports, gear reviews, notifications, and giveaways. If you want to learn about the latest fly rods or tackle, this is the site to visit.

Fly Fishing with Chris Dore

Fly Fishing with Chris Dore Chris Dore is a New Zealand-based fly fishing guide who runs a popular blog chrisdore.com. Chris’ blog has loads of useful content for fly fishermen, including actionable pointers and methods. The beauty of fly fishing is that there are so many different scenarios in which you may find yourself, and so many distinct flies to choose from – and Chris does an outstanding job covering a wide range of subjects, making his blog a must-read for any lover of fly fishing knowledge.

Dave Weller’s Fly Fishing Blog

Dave Weller’s Fly Fishing Blog With more than a decade of experience, Mark Haskins is the author and creator of Hooked On Gear. He began fly fishing in New Zealand before moving to Canada and then back to his homeland of New Zealand for good. His website takes you on a journey through all aspects of his life as he shares his passion with millions around the world. The web site also includes photographs from various angles that allow you to get a better perspective on the subject at hand so you can learn something new.


PileCast PileCast is a fly fishing blog with photos – you’ll see Dave’s outdoor excursions and rambles with his beloved pets here. Dave is an accomplished photographer, and going through his blog entries and photographs will be a lot of fun for you.

Pat Dorsey Fly Fishing

Pat Dorsey Fly Fishing From his blog, Fly Shop Owner and Guide Bob Dorsey provides his years of expertise and fly-fishing knowledge to the world. He’s the author of several books on fly fishing, and if you’re in Colorado, stop by his shop! The articles part of his website is also a treasure trove of information about fly fishing, from fly-fishing etiquette to selection and tying techniques.

PA Fly fish

PA Fly fish If you’re just getting into fly fishing, FFF is a fantastic place to start. They have a very thorough and beginner-friendly “Getting Started” area as well as a very active forum where you can begin reading through some topics and acquire some really useful advice.

J Stockard Fly Fishing Blog

J Stockard Fly Fishing Blog The Vailday Store is located in Virginia, and offers a huge selection of fly fishing gear at reasonable prices. Tying flies and building fly rods are some of the most important yet often neglected skills for first-time streamers. The faster you can get your new profile up to speed, the better!

Mainely Fly Fishing

Mainely Fly Fishing Mainely Fly Fishing is a great resource for fly fishers, maintained by Lou Zambello, a professional fly fishing guide in the Maine mountains. Lou also offers lessons and classes, so if you’re ever in the area or intend to go there, stop by! The blog mostly covers fishing tales, which are always interesting to read.

The River Damsel

The River Damsel The River Damsel is Jolene Blankenship, and she’s the queen of the river. She takes fly fishing to a new level with her flair and writes about her experiences on her blog. You’ll also discover pictures of the river, as well as some excellent fish that have been caught! Through her writings, you’ll learn how she acquired her knowledge of fly fishing from all of her previous trips.

The Trout Zone

The Trout Zone The Trout Zone is a fly fishing guide from Tennessee, David Knapp, who caught the trout. David is a serious fly fisherman who prefers catching (you guessed it) trout over other warm-water fish, such as bass and crappie. The Trout Zone is a website where David compiles his passion for fishing so that others may enjoy it as well.

Swift Fly Fishing Blog

Swift Fly Fishing Blog Epic, a fly fishing outfitter based in New Zealand, runs the Swift Fly Fishing blog. On their blog, you’ll find a well-rounded range of articles that will interest both beginning and seasoned fly fishers. They have some excellent methods for creating fly rods as well as detailed equipment reviews.


Fisherous is a fly fishing blog run by aficionado and outdoorsman Cory Perry. On Fisherous, you’ll discover a slew of information – Cory conveniently categorizes hisblog posts as “Technique,” “Journal,” “Fly Cinema,” and more, so there’s something for everyone. He also has a section on fly tying fundamentals, which is an excellent place to start for the novice fly fisherman.

The Uncommon Angler

Austin Green’s The Uncommon Angler is a photography and fly fishing blog. Fly fishing and photography are two activities that don’t clash too often, which is where the name comes from! If you’re in Maryland and want to go on a guided fishing trip with Austin, please contact him. You’ll get some great shots as well!

Chi Wulff

Chi Wulff If you’re looking for lighthearted musings on fly fishing and enjoyable, Chi Wulff is the site to visit. Chi Wulff was established in 2007 by a group of fly fishermen that are enthusiastic about the activity and enjoy living life to the utmost degree. That’s why, in addition to fishing reports and fly fishing information, you’ll discover delectable recipes and unusual drink mixes.

Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman

Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman is the brainchild of fisherman Morgan. You’ll discover gear evaluations, DIY instructions for fishing equipment, and a really fantastic page, the fly fishing bucket list, which contains a wishlist of species that Morgan wants to catch! His journey may be followed on the blog, and he also has an Instagram that is frequently updated.

Catching Shadows

Catching Shadows Rich Strolis is a fly fisherman and guide from Connecticut. On his blog, Catching Shadows, you’ll find tremendous fly fishing tips that you can use right away. Rich is a seasoned pro when it comes to fly fishing – he creates flies for Montana Fly Company and has an extensive DVD collection of fly fishing films.

Mikes Gone Fishing

Mikes Gone Fishing Mike’s Gone Fishing is a depiction of the life of a fly fisherman! Mike has retired and spends his time exploring North Carolina’s waterways, fishing, and “annoying the fish!” If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a passionate fly fisherman, Mike’s blog will not disappoint.

Northern California Trout

Northern California Trout Mark Kautz-Shoreman chronicles his day-to-day activities and fishing excursions on his blog, Northern California Trout. Every article is adorned with numerous photographs of wherever he goes, so if you’re looking for a fishing buddy, visit Northern California Trout and start reading and commenting!

Windknots and Tangled Lines

Windknots and Tangled Lines is a blog about fly fishing, having fun, and unwinding after a long, tough day. Howard Levett will take you wherever he goes fishing, so check out what equipment he uses. It’s always nice to meet other fly fishermen when you leave a comment on one of his articles; it’s also fascinating!

Quiet Racquette

Quiet Racquette The Quiet Racquette is Steve Cobb’s blog, where he discusses fly fishing and life on the Racquette River in Upstate New York. Steve’s recent writings have been about his (really excellent) paintings – depictions of nature and freshly caught fish. If you’re into art, you’ll want to check it out!

Fontinalis Rising

Fontinalis Rising Along with fly fishing reports, gear reviews, interviews, and the odd rant, you’ll get to enjoy Fontinalis Rising’s stunning photography courtesy of Jason Tucker. The scientific name for Eastern Brook Trout is Fontinalis; this is Jason’s favorite catch. You’ll also get to see some of his amazing photographs in addition to fly fishing reports, gear reviews, interviews, and rants.

Antlers and Gills

Antlers and Gills At her website, Antlers and Gills, Stephannie Mullins talks about fly fishing. Stephanie is obsessed with fishing and hunting, as the name implies. You’ll discover tales of fishing, fly information, and Stephannie’s parenting adventures on Antlers and Gills.

New England On The Fly

New England On The Fly New England on the Fly is about the fly fishing scene in New England. If you’re visiting or from New England, make sure to visit New England On The Fly to learn more about what’s going on in the area!

Casting Around

Casting Around Casting Around is a Tenkara fly fishing blog. It’s jam-packed with useful information, from fishing trips to gear reviews, fly tying instructions, news, how-tos, reading lists, and the odd essay and tirade. After all, what online fishing blog would be complete without an angry rant? Casting Around has been online for a long time, so they have a unique feature that allows you to go back in time by reading one of their classic posts. It’s an excellent way to catch up on anything you may have missed since starting to follow them.

Shane Baker

Shane Baker

My name is Shane Baker and when I am not with my family or working here I am out fishing! I caught my first fish when I was 6 – it was a trout at a stocked pond here in TX. Ever since fishing has been a passion of mine!

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