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Raymarine Dragonfly Review

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The Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder/GPS Combo is a breed apart. It offers functionality that previously cost thousands of dollars but is now available for around $600. So, whether you’re a professional guide or just an angler who likes to spend weekends on the lake chasing bass, the Dragonfly will undoubtedly improve your game. With built-in chartplotting and a 5.7 inch sunlight visible display (with vivid colors), no fish, no matter how deep, will be able to escape your hook again with next-generation CHIRP technology!

CHIRP returns can be viewed with traditional 2D SONAR up to 600 feet or Raymarine’s own DownVision 3D SONAR up to 200 feet, or the two of them can be viewed simultaneously on a split-screen.


  • There are no transducers or charts.
  • Transom mount transducer/no charts
  • Transducer with an attachable transom mount/Inland & Coastal Silver Charts
  • Transom mount transducer/Inland & Coastal Gold charts

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Raymarine Dragonfly


You’ve probably heard of traditional transducers like the one shown below. The transducer sends out “pings” at a certain frequency, such as 50, 83,200, or more kHz and listens for the echo return. The Dragonfly fish finder “assembles” these returns to provide an incredibly revealing image of the underwater environment using CHIRP technology. There is also very little noise!

The latest addition to the Saga family from Pro-One is a portable fish finder that uses CHIRP technology. Not only can you see far better than ever before thanks to this state-of-the-art technology, but you will also be able to observe schools of fish and identify structure with traditional or DownVision SONAR. You may even compare the two returns side by side: DownVision to spot structure and schools of fish, then sonar for pinpointing individual fish.


The Dragonfly installs in less than a minute. This kid may be set up in under 15-20 minutes with just one wire for both power leads and transducer leads. Run the wire from your battery to your fish finder and you’re done!

The Dragonfly fish finder’s display only has three buttons to make using it with one hand as convenient as possible. The Dragonfly fish finder adjusts all settings automatically once you turn it on, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You may also switch between panels rapidly. It is that simple to utilize that even a fish might use it!



There are no charts (expandable with Navionics Gold) or Raymarine-Navionics Gold or Silver charts included with the Raymarine Dragonfly.

The BlueGold charts are based on the same source as blue and green (see below), but they cover a larger geographic area and have more data. The BlueSilver charts, on the other hand, include less detail because they only cover a fraction of all US lakes.


  • Even in the harshest sunlight, the bright, sharp display on our Large 5.7′′ 640 x 480 LCD is simple to see.
  • ClearPulse and CHIRP, a patented sonar technology from Raymarine, provide exceptional resolution for structure and fish tracking.
  • Simultaneously displays Down Vision and conventional sonar images with a powerful two-channel digital sonar engine
  • The fish finder boasts a unique and innovative dual beam transom-mount transducer that provides accurate information on the location of fish (25 degree wide beam) and detailed observations of structure (1.4 degree narrow fan beam), as well as a high precision temperature sensor.
  • A built-in high-performance 50 channel GPS sensor with fast acquisition technology is included.
  • The small mounting footprint and huge display area of this product make it extremely versatile.



  • Temperature sensor: Yes
  • Navigation: 3,000 waypoints, 150 routes and 15 tracks of up to 10,000 trackpoints
  • Nominal supply voltage: 12v
  • Operating voltage range: 10.2 – 16.6v
  • Waterproofing standard: IPX6 and IPX7
  • Display size: 5.7″ (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Display resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
  • Brightness: 1600 nits
  • Color depth: 24 bit
  • Chart Compatibility: Navionics
  • Connections: Power/transducer combined input
  • Frequency 200 kHz Sonar and 350 kHz Down Vision
  • Dimensions: Height – 5.79″ (147mm) Wide x 5.79″ (147 mm) Tall x 1.93″ (49mm) Deep


  • Raymarine Dragonfly 5.7″ Sonar/GPS Display
  • Tilt/Swivel mounting bracket
  • The TRANSPORTER 10 works with both the Transom Mount and Dual Beam Transom Mount Transducers.
  • User Guide

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Shane Baker

Shane Baker

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