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The X-4 is a wonderful entry-level fishfinder for those who are new to them and simply want to get their feet wet (pun intended)! The X-4 by Lowrance is an excellent starter fishfinder because it’s small enough to fit in most small boats and kayaks. The fish in your local lake, stream, or pond will have nowhere to hide from you thanks to the large 4 inch display that can twist and turn in any direction, as well as 100 Watts of power and a 200kHz transducer that can see accurately down to depths of 100 feet!

The best readings will come if you typically fish in a range of 40-50 feet, since the screen space is limited, so the fewer depths you view, the less issues may clog your screen and ultimately make the fish more apparent! The display has four hues of black and white and a resolution of 240×160 pixels – which is ideal for this price.

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Lowrance X-4


  • Instead of a typical “echo arch” that fish finders display for fish, the X-4 uses computer technology to determine which “arches” are most likely fish and displays them as tiny little fish icons rather than arches.
  • Signal processing technology with automatic signal adjustments to the SONAR beam keeps your screen as clear of distractions as possible.
  • Set alerts for fish, shallow water, and deep water.
  • The outer layer, the bottom, is processed differently to allow you to distinguish between targets and the ground.
  • Large coverage cone – see a 60-degree angle area down to your boat


  • Display size: 4 inches
  • Display resolution: 240 x 160
  • Display colors: 4 level grayscale
  • Temperature: Yes
  • Built in memory backup
  • Sunlight visible: Yes


  • X-4 Fishfinder display
  • 200 kHz Lowrance Skimmer Transom mount transducer
  • Installation hardware
  • Owner’s manual

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Shane Baker

Shane Baker

My name is Shane Baker and when I am not with my family or working here I am out fishing! I caught my first fish when I was 6 – it was a trout at a stocked pond here in TX. Ever since fishing has been a passion of mine!

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