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Lowrance LSS-2 StructureScan HD Review

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The Lowrance LSS-2 StructureScan is the most significant advancement in fish detection technology ever produced by Lowrance, and it works with any HDS display. LSS-2 StructureScan takes fishfinding to new heights, delivering an unrivaled degree of clarity, accuracy, and image detail. StructurScan incorporates DownScan imaging and SideScan scanning to give you a full view – as well as all of that information on your large HDS screen – Structure Scan eliminates the guesswork so you can focus more time fishing!


Side-to-side coverage on this module is excellent at 600 feet side-to-side, so you’ll never miss a thing! Imagine only going up and down one or two locations, seeing everything there is to see!

This module’s DownScan scanning can provide you with extremely detailed SONAR readings from beneath your boat. You’ll see exactly what it seems like, not more guessing! You may zoom in on a good zone from SideScan using DownScan for further accuracy once you’ve seen a nice area using SideScan.

Lowrance LSS-2 StructureScan HD


Although 2D SONAR is effective, it’s difficult to interpret and comprehend what’s going on because everything is just lines, arches, and blobs! When you combine split-screen viewing with 2D SONAR and StructureScan, you may see the 2D SONAR readings as well as integrate them with StructureScan data to really grasp what’s happening!


It’s really simple to install! The LSS-2 transducer attaches to your transom in the same way as any other transducer, and it will not interfere with any existing ones. Run a wire from the transducer into the LSS-2 Sounder Module, then connect it to your HDS unit using an ethernet cable – that’s all there is to it! You may utilize a single sounder module for numerous units if you have additional devices; simply plug and play.


  • LSS-2 Sounder module
  • LSS-2 Transducer
  • Power cable
  • 6′ ethernet cable
  • Owner’s manual
Shane Baker

Shane Baker

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