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FishHunter Portable Smartphone Fish Finder Review

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The FishHunter Smartphone fish finder is a strong competitor in the smartphone fish finder business, and it’s priced very reasonably against comparable products like the Deeper and iBobber.

The FishHunter is a smartphone-based fish finder with a small, rubber-coated SONAR module designed from military-grade materials for use under any conditions, including ice fishing.

The module’s battery will last for 8 hours when fully charged, allowing you to fish all weekend without interruption.

The transducer module is connected to your fishing line and begins sending you readings of the water as soon as you cast out, down to 133 feet, which is ideal for casual use.

FishHunter Portable Smartphone

This is an excellent selection for people who don’t own a boat or typically rent one.

Bottom contour will be shown by FishHunter, and it will also highlight fish where it thinks the readings resemble fish. What I like about FishHunter is that it provides a simplified overlay with photos of the bottom and fish (what it believes is most likely), as well as raw SONAR data, which is really useful.

What’s exciting is that the overlay view is 3D, with the software stitching together all of the SONAR data into a 3D perspective with different depths displayed on the screen, as well as what it thinks is where.

You just need a phone or tablet to connect to the fish finder module, and you can view SONAR readings even if you don’t have access to cellular service.

If you do have access to the internet, there’s a whole new world of opportunity open to you! You may use your phone’s GPS to pinpoint ideal fishing locations, as well as see which ones other users have marked.

The application also has a log book where you may record the fish you catch, as well as a fishing trip planner that provides information about the phases of the moon, weather, and a comprehensive database with pictures of different species of fish where they like to hide and what kind of bait to use.


To close, I believe the FishHunter is a good option that outperforms the Deeper and iBobber, while costing less than $200.

Fish Hunter Portable Fish Finder, 3.0, Orange

Shane Baker

Shane Baker

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