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humminbird ice 35

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The Humminbird ICE 35 is a fish finder suited for ice fishing that differs from other models. This model, unlike other fishfinders, is intended for ice fishing and instead of a full SONAR reading display has the term “flasher.” You’ll see colors move around the dial depending on what’s below you, which indicates whether or not it’s time to cut an outlet in the ice.

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The ICE 35 is a dual beam flasher, which means your readings will be more precise – there’s more data to go on. It works well and has a depth limit of 200 feet, but you won’t need to go that far unless you enjoy fishing in the deep North where you wouldn’t know whether you were walking on a lake unless you carried a map with you!

The batteries last for a lot longer than a few fishing trips, and the LED display is very bright, so you can see in poor light conditions. It’s also useful for fishing during the short winter days since the power on this thing is strong.

Humminbird ICE 35

The ICE 35 is delivered unassembled, so you’ll need to put it together. It’s not difficult to assemble, but you’ll need around 35-40 minutes for the job. There’s a demo mode on the device that can be quite useful while learning how to use your fish finder before going out on the ice. On the ice, readings will be either red, yellow, or green. Red is strong; yellow is medium; and green is faint – think of rocks, huge fish, and little fish.

You’ll be placing the transducer down on a certain spot, waiting for readings to come back, and then moving on much like you would in a boat.

The ICE 35 is a fantastic catch for the enthusiastic ice fisherman, especially since it sells for less than $300.

I followed the instructions in this video on how to set up and utilize the ICE 35:

Humminbird ICE 35 new

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Shane Baker

Shane Baker

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