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IBobber Castable Fish Finder

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The iBobber is a brilliant idea in a tiny and inexpensive package, making it an excellent substitute for other smartphone fish finders such as the Deeper fishfinder, which is more expensive.

The iBobber is a tiny gadget that you can connect to your fishing line and cast with your bait, from which you may then link it to your smartphone (Android and iOS) via bluetooth for readings up to 135 feet deep, which is not bad for something this tiny!

The iBobber app has a lunar calendar with vital fishing information such as temperature, wind, rain, and atmospheric pressure in addition to basic SONAR.

The iBobber is a very inexpensive way to get good SONAR on a big screen if you use a tablet – if you want a tablet-sized screen on a fish finder, you’ll have to spend at least $500 or perhaps more. Because smartphones now have huge displays, that isn’t an issue any longer.

The iBobber app may be used with a GPS-enabled phone or tablet to pull and store GPS information, making it far more useful than conventional fish Finders when taking into account the less than $100 price tag.

IBobber Castable

It’s also not a good idea to store your phone in a wet place. However, make careful when near water – investing in a waterproof cell phone cover may not be a bad idea!

All things considered, it’s still essential to remember that the iBobber is a rather basic(and less expensive) gadget in comparison to traditional fish finders. It won’t have the same level of accuracy and precision as a dedicated fish finder, simply because the transducers on those devices are far more developed.

The app also functions as a mobile application, so it lacks the computing horsepower to analyze the SONAR data it receives – and it will make errors. This does happen with a regular fish finder, but they have all of the settings and knobs you can adjust the readings to your liking – so if you’re searching for something more robust, consider a regular fish finder (see some reviews here).

At the end of the day, while it may seem like a lot of money, you’re getting something that will assist you find fish when out on weekends to the beach or lake for some fun fishing – making opportunities for a seafood barbecue just a little more probable!

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Shane Baker

Shane Baker

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