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Minn Kota Edge

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Choosing the correct motor for your personal boating requirements is vital. The size of your boat, its weight when carrying an average load, and the anticipated weather conditions in the water will all influence your decision. All of this will have a significant impact on how pleasant your boating experience is. The Minn Kota Edge is a premium freshwater bow-mounted trolling motor with a variety of options to choose from. They guarantee an indestructible shaft that can be bent under pressure to minimize the chance of breakage.

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Indestructible Composite Shaft

When purchasing a trolling motor, it’s vital to get the right shaft length. If your shaft is too short, your motor will be underpowered and sluggish. On the other hand, if your shaft is too long, your propeller may scrape across the ground. The Minn Kota Edge has a composite shaft that is more durable than steel. There’s never any worry about it breaking or flexing on impact because it bends on contact.

You have alternatives with Minn Kota. The shaft comes with a lifetime promise. A 2-year warranty covers the rest of the parts and components.

Minn-Kota edge review

Powerful Motor

Your trolling motor’s speed and control can be hampered by a lack of power. Your boat moves through the water via thrust. It’s crucial to get the correct amount of thrust for your vessel. The length of your boat will tell you how much thrust you’ll require. However, bear in mind that heavier loads may require greater thrust. To help ensure that you have all you need, Minn Kota Edge provides three choices in power. For more fine-tuned speed control, their motors come with 5 speeds.

Powerful Propeller

The Edge trolling motor is driven by Minn Kota’s Weedless Wedge 2 propeller, which is suited for navigating through thick vegetation while not draining the battery or slowing down. They also offer a Power Prop propeller that provides additional power to push through thicker vegetation with greater ease.

Easy Mounting

The Minn Kota Edge motors are bow-mounted motors that propel the boat through the water. This enables you to better control your heading when using this trolling motor. The latch and door bracket design makes it simple to remove this trolling motor from its mount. For comfort, it has a soft grip knob on the handle. When storing your motor, this is a useful feature.

The motor also conceals easily so that it isn’t in the water or obstructing passage when transporting It does not Include batteries -> The Minn Kota Edge doesn’t include batteries because they would get wet and ruin your battery pack before you got around to replacing them with new ones.

Newly Designed Foot Pedal

The foot pedal has been redesigned to be simpler to use. The bigger foot pedal includes considerably more foot space, allowing for greater control. Using a foot pedal allows you to have better control of both speed and direction. However, the cords may get in the way and make your deck look cluttered. This frees up your hands.

Some Minn Kota Edge models come standard with hand controls rather than hand throttles. Hand controls lack the same level of precision as hand throttles do.

Minn Kota Edge Reduced Friction

Reduced Friction

The Minn Kota Edge’s quiet function allows you to go about your business without disturbing the creatures. Whether lurking up on fish or simply appreciating nature’s serenity, noise reduction is critical. With ease, this freshwater trolling motor’s propeller pushes through vegetation. The engine features extended battery life as well. These characteristics contribute to a longer operational life of the motor.


The majority of customers were extremely satisfied with this trolling motor. Many clients claim that the Minn Kota Edge provides strong power. It’s a five-speed device with excellent control. The energy of this trolling motor is not drained by heavy fruit or wind, allowing for four to six hours of runtime on the battery. The installation process for this trolling motor is quick and uncomplicated. The mount is quite solid.

It takes only 30 seconds to remove using its simple turn, soft grip knob. It’s intended for simple and secure storage. The big form of the foot pedals makes them much more pleasant than most foot pedals, allowing for better control. For a small boat, it is well priced and has a handsome design.


There was a lot of debate about the length of this kayak’s shaft. Some people felt it was perfect for their boat, while others thought that the Minn Kota Edge required modifications. For them, this meant buying extra parts. Some users have needed to buy an extension for the handle, which is not telescopic. They also found out that the battery’s power cable was too short, forcing you to buy more cables.

Some even suggested buying a foot pedal mount since they discovered it moved around and got in the way too frequently. The speed adjustments have been reported as less dependable due to complaints about the hand controls.

Minn Kota edge variety

A Variety of Options

The Edge 45 motor has a thrust of 45 pounds and comes with three different shaft lengths: 36′, 45′, or 50′. It is powered by a single 12v battery. You may select between foot or hand controlled operation.

The Edge 55 engine has 55 pounds of thrust and is available in two length options, 45’and 52.’ It also comes with the choice of hand- or foot-controlled operation. It only needs a single 12 volt battery.

The Edge 70 engine delivers 70 pounds of thrust. It also comes with an optional 45’’ or 52’’ shaft for added versatility. Only the foot control is available as an option. Two 12 volt batteries are required for this motor.

A Great Low Priced Trolling Motor

The Minn Kota brand is well-known and respected. The Minn Kota Edge has a variety of fantastic choices for all freshwater fishing and boating needs. Many claim that this bow mount trolling motor lives up to its promises and will not disappoint you. Prepare to spend a little extra on personalization. nMinn Kota provides a number of outstanding add-ons to compliment their motors, ensuring compatibility.

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