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Minn Kota Maxxum Review

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Minn Kota is the world’s oldest manufacturer of trolling motors, having started operations in 1934. The Minn Kota Maxxum is a great demonstration of their long history in business. It was built for strength, durability, and performance, with an impact-resistant composite head and a marine-grade aluminum backbone. The Maxxum is a bow-mounted, fresh-water engine that cuts through aquatic vegetation, and it has an extremely quiet operation that fish do not fear.

The Digital Maximizer keeps the battery charged longer. Consider the Minn Kota Maxxum if you’re looking for a new engine.

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Maxxum Mount

The Maxxum Mount is a secure and easy-to-remove attachment to attach the motor to your boat via Minn Kota’s Latch and Door architecture. It has a soft-grip knob with several pre-drilled holes that should allow you to install it without making additional holes in your vessel. It’s been tournament-tested and can cut through anything.

The mount will not flex, budge, or vibrate when stowed away.

Minn Kota Maxxum

Bowguard 360°

The BOWGUARD 360° protects your boat’s bow if the engine is struck from any direction. It will break away and reset automatically, and it is simple to remove. The Bowguard 360 also helps decrease noise with its dual-density construction.

Speed Control

The Digital Maximizer minimizes power consumption by using the three speeds of the variable-speed motor and allowing for longer fishing excursions. The speed is selected, and the digital maximizer adjusts the power level to save battery life. The 5 Fwd/3 Rev with five forward and three reverse speed settings is a 5-speed gearbox with five speed choices, while the Five Forward/Three Reverse has five forward/three rearward speeds.

Maxxuum Hand or Foot Control

The Maxi is available with either a hand or foot control. You may operate the boat while standing using the hand control. The hand switch has an 18-foot cable and a Push-To-Test Battery Meter that reveals how much battery you’ve used.

A heel and toe pedal with a five-foot cord and an Illuminated Directional Indicator on the motor are included with the foot controller.

Weedless Wedge 2 Prop

The Weedless WedgeTM 2’s swept-back and flared blades clear away even the thickest underwater growth without using up any battery power. It’s simple to install, so you can keep one on hand in case of an emergency.

Composite Shaft

Composite Shaft

The composite shaft flexes on impact, is stronger than steel and is guaranteed not to kink, break, or corrode for life. Shafts are available in a variety of lengths. To minimize cavitation, make sure you get the right length shaft. Cavitation happens when the pressure from the propeller creates air pockets in the water. When these air pockets implode, they create shock waves and noise that scare fish away.

Cavitation can be prevented by keeping the top of the motor underwater for a minimum of 12 inches.

Select the proper shaft length from the following list: From the bow’s mounting surface, add five inches for rough water situations and twelve inches if you utilize a hand control while standing. Choose the appropriate shaft length from the following list to avoid cavitation:

  • 0″ – 10″ from bow to waterline, requires a 36″ shaft.
  • 16″ – 22″ from bow to waterline, requires a 42″ shaft.
  • 22” – 28″ from bow to waterline, requires a 48″ – 52″ shaft.
  • 28″ – 34″ from bow to waterline, requires a 54″ – 62″ shaft.


The composite shaft of the Minn Kota Maxxum is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, while the rest of the motor has a two-year limited warranty for the original buyer. It covers parts but not labor, normal wear and tear, or minor flaws that do not impair engine performance. The guarantee is void if the engine has been utilized in brackish or saline water because it uses a fresh-water engine.

Only equipment that is available for hire or commercial usage is covered. Damage caused by shipping, collision, or modification is not reimbursed. Any required service action must be carried out by an authorized service facility. Other restrictions and exceptions may apply.

Pros and Cons

The Minn Kota Maxxum is a bow-mounted motor. It pulls the boat rather than pushing it, giving quicker reaction, better control, and easier positioning than a transom-mounted engine. The extra large commutators and windings keep it cooler, increasing battery duration and lifespan.

Because it is a fresh-water engine, it does not have the components or construction methods necessary to endure in salty or brackish water.

Using it in either of these environments might damage it or cause corrosion to develop.

Other Configurations

Other Configurations

The Minn Toka Maxxum is available in three versions for hand and foot control engines. The following are the configurations for bow-mounted Maxxum foot control motors:

  • The Maxxum 80 comes with a 24-volt battery and a 42″ or 52″ shaft length. It has an 80-pound thrust rating, weighs 722 pounds, and is powered by a 24 volt battery.
  • The Maxxum 70 has a 24 volt battery, a 42″ or 52″ shaft length, and 70 pounds of thrust.
  • The Maxxum 70/SC, with a 24-volt battery and a 42″ shaft length.

The following are the Maxxum hand control bow-mounted motor configurations:

  • The Maxxum 80/H is an electric outboard motor with a 24-volt battery and a 52-inch shaft length.
  • A Maxxum 70/H with a 24 volt battery and a 52 inch shaft is one of the most popular models.
  • The Maxxum 55/SC/H has a maximum thrust of 55 pounds and comes with a 12 volt battery and a 52-inch shaft length.

The Minn Kota Maxxum is one of the finest bow-mounted, freshwater trolling motors on the market. It’s durable, moves smoothly through aquatic vegetation, and runs quietly, so it doesn’t scare fish away. It also has a Digital Maximizer function that maintains battery charge for long fishing days. You should really think about purchasing this motor.

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