Minn Kota PowerDrive V2 Review in 2024 – Trolling Motor

Minn Kota PowerDrive V2 Review

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Minn Kota is the world’s first and oldest maker of electric fishing motors, having spent up to 70 years in the lab and on the water. The Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 is a redesigned foot pedal with a new deploy-assist lever and digital electronics that enhances one of the most trusted trolling motors in the industry. Its resourceful and ergonomically designed features help to provide greater performance than ever before. The new deploy-assist lever, which is a game changer for quickly catching fish, is certainly the most significant feature of this product.

Consider the size of your vessel when deciding whether to purchase the Minn Kota Powerdrive V2. Because Minn Kota’s digital maximizer technology is able to provide up to five times longer run time on a single charge, this feature distinguishes the Powerdrive V2 from competing products.

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Deploy Assist Lever

Deploy Assist Lever

The ABT Timeless Evolution Series 1 has a third forefoot that locks into place for additional stability when trolling or kite fishing. This new feature aids in the movement of your boat, allowing you to catch fish more quickly. All you have to do is release the lever to activate the motor, and you’re ready to go. As you prepare to move, the Powerdrive V2 stows neatly and firmly before heading out.

Ergonomic Foot Pedal

The Caster X8 with 10-speed gearing is a heavy duty mobility scooter that has an IP67 waterproof rating. It offers precise speed adjustment, right and left steering, and both momentary and constant on/off function. It sports the highest IP68 waterproof ratings in the business, as well as an 18′ cord. For easier control, a wireless foot pedal is available as an option.


With Autopilot, you may spend less time steering your boat and more time catching fish. To put it another way, Autopilot enables you to stay on target in order to capture your biggest species and have a good fishing excursion.

CoPilot Compatible

The wireless CoPilot remote control accessory is available as a stand-alone component and allows you to steer the boat from anywhere on board. You have an advantage in terms of catching fish while maintaining a tidy and organized deck with this function, so you don’t have to waste effort being constantly attached to the foot pedal.

Digital Maximizer

Digital Maximizer

On one charge, the Minn Kota digital maximizer can run up to five times longer. Traditional speed coil technology expends a lot of power by delivering a continuing flow of electricity to the motor – regardless of what setting is set to – which is wasted energy. Minn Kota’s original invention, the MaxiMizer technology, was originally created in 1985 and offers precise power at any speed setting. The sophisticated digital micro processing regulates draw to maximize battery life and minimize heat damage.

Indestructible Composite Shaft

Polyethylene is a sealant that has been in circulation since 1999. High-yield composite material has been subjected to three times the strain of steel and is three times as durable. It’s virtually unbreakable and resilient, with impact flexing after which returning to its original form. Steel does not break, rust, crimp, or corrode when compared to this element, so you can be certain about the product’s longevity.

Cool and Quiet Power

The high-capacity windings and commutators are utilized to dissipate heat in order to keep the device running cooler. In order to prevent fish from spooking, the unique bearing design produces low rpms/high torque, which reduces any noise that might frighten off fish.

Pros and Cons

In light of the positive feedback for the Minn Kota Powerdrive V2, several users have praised the simplicity of installation, the excellent performance of the motor in strong winds and rain, the convenience of having a long cable, CoPilot’s usefulness, and the extended battery life. The motor’s power is also highly regarded.

Negative reviews were most often left as a result of one or more disadvantages that impacted their experience. It was mentioned that it was somewhat inconvenient for them to stow and unplug the product since they had to pull hard on the cable to release it and swing the motor over its resting place into the water. Others have claimed that trying to operate or stow the motor with a stiff wire is difficult. The majority of negative evaluations were based around minor irritations from the product, but nothing more substantial.

Other Configurations

Other Configurations

The Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 is available in several versions, one of which is the same product but with a 54″ shaft and 70-pound thrust rather than a 48″ shaft and 55-pound thrust.


The Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 is a popular and highly regarded trolling motor that has earned an excellent reputation among customers. Customers who have purchased the product have had a wonderful experience with it, particularly because of all of the important features it provides. In addition, all Powerdrive V2 bow-mount trolling motors come with a two-year warranty from Minn Kota in case your motor gets damaged. Many users believe that it is well worth the money and will undoubtedly make buyers pleased with their purchase in relation to its performance.

Shane Baker

Shane Baker

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