Smallest Marine Generators: Which one for your boat?

Smallest Marine Generators

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More and more people are using marine generators, often known as power generators, every day. They are popular among the US Navy and others, which explains why they are so popular. If a navy uses them, they must be beneficial in some way. Smaller boats, on the other hand, often do not require more than 3kW to 5kW of power.

As anticipated, larger ships will necessitate larger and more powerful generators that produce between 15 and 20kW, whereas smaller vessels will almost always utilize marine generators with capacities ranging from 3kW to 5kw. The number of electrical gadgets in use on the generator determines how much electricity it can provide.

Why Do Boats Need Generators?

When your boat is sailing in the open seas, you will have to switch off the engine at some point. Boats are generally powered by a single major engine that consumes fuel. The engine’s primary purpose, however, is to propel the vessel. In fact, it also powers other equipment and gadgets on board since it helps to produce electricity as well. However, when you want to stop the boat at a certain location to relax or fish, you must turn off the engine.

This is where the power generator comes in handy. It works alongside the main fuel line to produce electricity and utilizes it to run the vessel as well. One of its other benefits is that it is quiet, which helps in particular circumstances such as fishing. It does not cause any harm to marine life.

Furthermore, you may be compelled to use a power generator if your engine isn’t running. If, for example, your engine breaks down, you’ll need access to other electronic devices. The only way to run the boat would be with a power generator.

Alternatives to Generators

You no longer have to use a generator on your boat. The advancement of science has had a beneficial influence in many areas, including sailing. Alternatives to using a generator exist. They include:

Solar panels

If you can afford them, these are a safer choice than gasoline to power your boat. The solar panels on the boat operate in the same way as they would in a home. This method has gained popularity, resulting in cost savings. These panels are also suitable for a wide range of boats and are reliable. Traditional solar panels don’t always have enough space on boats, which is an issue with this option.

Hydro Generators

Hydro Generators

Although these produce a substantial amount of electricity and are quite efficient in terms of drag, they are susceptible to deterioration and must be used while the boat is underway. This is an excellent choice as a substitute for a diesel generator since it removes some of the safety concerns that come with it.

Wind Generators

They provide many of the same advantages as hydro generators, including reduced fuel costs. They are noisier than diesel-powered generators, and they are time-consuming and unwieldy to operate since they produce a lot of electricity, especially when there is a strong wind.

Are Marine Generators Good?

Marine generators have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, identical to any other product. Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Powering the boat
  • When it comes to petrol, they’re frugal; when it comes to diesel, they use the same line.

However, there are certain drawbacks to using reels as well:

  • By using a chimney, you can extend the life of your wood stove. They can cause asphyxia via carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • They might cause boat fires.

Finally, generators might be dangerous if not handled correctly. As a result, they are a good idea since they are useful and contribute to the sailing process. However, it would be better to use solar panels instead because they are more secure. If there is no alternative, you can get the generator; nevertheless, be extra careful. It’s important to remember that you should not attempt to repair or install the generator permanently on your boat. These are recipes for disaster.

Small Marine Generators

If you have a tiny boat, you’ll need a small portable marine generator to run only the essentials. The following are some of the smallest generators available on Amazon:


Generac 6866 iQ2000

Generac 6866 iQ2000

For just $500, you may purchase this generator. It is 46.2 pounds in weight, making it lightweight and easy to transport from one location to the next. It’s fueled by gas and has a rating of 1600 watts, which is sufficient for a small boat. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing this generator is that it includes FlexPower operating modes, which allows you to save fuel while still reducing noise. The eco-mode is great for conserving gasoline and energy, but the high mode is ideal for charging batteries as well as large loads usage.

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2) Honda EU2000I

Honda EU2000I

The Honda HGL65C generator is a great choice for taking on the go. It’s small enough to fit in your car or truck, and it produces plenty of power for all of your outdoor needs. The price is high, but this portable generator delivers good value for money. This portable generator has a maximum output of 120 volts and weighs 45 pounds. It makes it easy to transport since it is lightweight (only 45 pounds). In addition to this, it features an eco-throttle system that helps you save gas. This generator is also quiet, unlike most diesel generators which puts it among the top portable generators available.

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3) Earthquake 11613

Earthquake 11613

Even though it is a house and land generator, it may also be used on boats. When compared to other portable marine generators, it is rather inexpensive. It costs around $390, which is an excellent price. This gas-powered generator has 700 watts of power with a weight of 21 pounds and consistent output. It’s sufficient cause in itself to purchase this generator because of its efficiency and low cost.


Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Let the size of this generator deceive you. It has enough oomph to run your laptop and charge your phone thanks to its inverter technology. This inverter-powered generator is fuel efficient and noiseless, which is why it is so popular. Furthermore, this generator includes a smart throttle that adjusts the engine speed according on the amount of load you are carrying. It’s CARB compliant.

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5) WEN 56180

WEN 56180

The Yamaha QRE1540 is one of the most inexpensive marine portable generators on the market. It costs less than $200 on Amazon, which is far lower than its competitors that cost more than $500. This portable generator is ideal for use at sea and only weights 50 pounds, making it light. It has a continuous supply of 1500 watts and bursts to 1800 watts under surge. It’s also CARB compliant and relatively quiet.

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Marine generators are required. However, you may select from a number of alternatives. You don’t have to use a diesel or gas-powered generator. You could pick an alternative powered by wind and water energy or even solar panels, which eliminates the hazards of using a generator.

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