The 5 Best Trolling Motor Batteries in 2024 – Buyers Guide

Best Trolling Motor Batteries

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It’s not the most exciting or glamorous thing in the world to buy a trolling motor battery, and it doesn’t have the same buzz as purchasing a new rod or kayak. However, there’s no denying that finding the greatest possible trolling motor battery is critical, since it is an important element of any fisherman’s equipment.

So, rather than putting off buying a new trolling motor battery and spending money on something more exciting, perhaps it’s time to invest in this key equipment? But, what should you consider while purchasing a trolling motor battery? There are three major things to think about…

The first thing to consider is how long they keep their charge. After all, the last thing you want on a lengthy fishing excursion is for your battery to run out! All good trolling motor battery makers are rechargeable, but do you really want to be recharging them frequently and incurring additional expenses?

It’s also critical to think about how safe the batteries are, since they must keep any potentially hazardous chemicals trapped within them. In addition to this, good trolling motor battery will have a spill-proof design, ensuring that any battery acid cannot escape even in the worst of circumstances. This has several benefits. Batteries can now be placed anywhere in the boat without worry because to the spill-proof design.

Finally, bear in mind your boat’s weight while choosing a battery. You’ll need to be able to buy a battery with the thrust required to move your boat effectively, so consider your options carefully. Do you really want to chug through the water at a snail’s pace or do you want to get to your favorite fishing spot as quickly as possible?

The final thing to note before diving into the best trolling motor batteries is that, if at all possible, try to avoid utilizing a regular SLI battery like those found in automobiles. They may work, but they aren’t ideal, and over time, they could cause harm to both the battery and the engine. Instead of spending lots of money on something that isn’t built for the purpose, you’ll save money in the long run by investing a little extra now.

So, what are the finest trolling motor batteries on the market? You’ll discover five that have received rave reviews from anglers all across the country…

Wilderness Tarpon 100

The Wilderness Tarpon 100 is a great trolling motor battery that is designed specifically for kayakers. It’s small in stature, making it simple to transport in smaller kayaks. It also weighs very little. Furthermore, it includes ABSorbent Glass Mat technology, which allows you to get every last drop of power out of it when not being used on a kayak. When not in use on a kayak, it may be utilized for a variety of other things as well.

The trolling motor battery is also spill-proof, so it may be placed in any nook or cranny in your kayak. Finally, it’s inexpensive and can be purchased for around $65, yet it still performs well against other, more expensive batteries. All things considered, it’s a fantastic option for those on a low budget who want dependability and performance.

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M

Optima Batteries 8016 103 D34M

Optima Batteries are known as the gold standard in this industry, and people all around the world trust them. This deep-cycle 12v battery is lightweight, making it ideal for smaller boats and kayaks, yet it still produces a tremendous amount of power. Optima Batteries also guarantee that it has 15x vibration resistance, which means it will last a long time. It’s also an excellent choice for people who are going into more severe climates.

The SPIRACELL technology inside this battery, which ensures that it retains its charge for lengthy periods of time and can also be recharged rapidly when required, may well be the product’s most significant selling point. It is more expensive than many other trolling motor batteries on the market, but the difference is worth it.

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VMAX MR86-50

VMAX MR86-50

MXP Motors is another well-known brand for high-quality trolling motor batteries, which can be utilized in a variety of settings. This battery claims to power a 40lb thrust engine for 3-5 hours if it’s running at a low/medium speed. It has AGM technology for improved performance as well as an exceptionally low self-discharge rate. Although it isn’t the lightest battery on the market, weighing 32lbs, it is still more than enough.

The VMAX MR86-50 is a maintenance-free battery, which means it’s ideal for people with little or no technical knowledge and has a reputation for durability. This could be the finest option if you’re searching for a trolling motor battery that will never let you down.

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Numax CXV24MF

This battery is fully maintenance-free, and it includes a sealed silver calcium lead acid construction that makes it extremely safe. The charge indication will notify you when the battery is nearing empty power, allowing you to return to shore and recharge it before going out on the water again.

Its low self-discharge rate means that it will retain a significant amount of its power even when not in use, and it can withstand hundreds of recharge cycles, implying that it should last for an exceptionally long time. Furthermore, the cost is reasonable, costing around average.

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Universal Power Group UB12350

Universal Power Group UB12350

The Universal Power Group’s end-of-line trolling motor battery is an excellent choice for those seeking for a high-priced, powerful battery that won’t break the bank. It certainly won’t break the bank, as it is one of the less expensive batteries on the market, but it does compare favorably to many other more costly batteries. This implies it’s ideal for hobbyists on a budget looking for something efficient and effective.

When kayaking, it will generally provide electricity for around three hours, which should be enough for those who just want to spend a little while on the water. Its spill proof technology allows it to be used in any position. Furthermore, it is waterproof and recharges quickly, and it is also lightweight, allowing for simple transportation.

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Lightweight trolling motor batteries

The majority of the batteries listed above are rather heavy, generally weighing around ten pounds. It will be preferable if it is installed in your boat, but you’ll want to be able to move it about without having to go through a lot of work.

When it comes to lightweight trolling motor batteries, you have a few alternatives.

A second option is to utilize a jump starter rather than a regular battery. Jump starters have far less capacity than standard lead acid batteries, but they are considerably lighter in weight.

This battery is a decent option, weighing just 18 pounds and providing a good amount of peak amperage.

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The second alternative is a Lithium-Ion battery. This battery costs about $1300, but it’s top of the line and a great, power-dense replacement for lead acid batteries in any application.

The Yuasa AGM Deep Cycle Battery is a high-performance battery that comes in at only 28 pounds. It also has several safety features built in.

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