Can You Mount A Transducer In A Kayak Hull?

Can You Mount A Transducer In A Kayak Hull

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When looking for a kayak fish finder, the most frequently asked question is whether or not you can install a standard transom mount transducer within the hull.

The answer is yes, you can! Because kayaks are constructed of plastic, the transducer may penetrate the beam through the material without causing much distortion. You don’t always need to invest in a portable fish finder with a suction cup transducer for your kayak.

When it comes to features and technology, portable versions of fish finders are rather limited, so it’s sometimes better to invest in a regular fish finder that you can mount on your kayak using some modest DIY effort.

Solid walls don’t get in the way of SONAR’s signal, and sound travels well through solids.

Mount A Transducer In A Kayak Hull

To install a transducer inside a kayak hull, you must first clean the area and prepare it with rubbing alcohol or spirit. Any dust particles or grime that gets in the way will cause the picture to be blurred.

Once the mess has been removed, apply a generous amount of marine goop or silicone to the surface and insert the transducer. The transducer will be fixed once the silicone has hardened, and you’re ready to go!

If you’re using the goop or silicon, double-check there aren’t any trapped air bubbles! If SONAR waves encounter air, they will be disrupted.

There are several ways to mount the transducer in a kayak. Some people prefer to make a “well” or a “frame” out of plastic or foam and place the transducer in it for added support, as seen in this video:

If you don’t want to do much DIY work, Humminbird’s nifty little kit for mounting a transducer in a kayak that includes everything from cleaning, installation, and sticking is ideal.

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