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Garmin Echo 100

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The Garmin echo 100 is one of the finest entry-level fish finders on the market, and it’s a great place to start learning about technology. With everything you need to get started with fish finders, the echo 100 will not disappoint. Even at high speeds, Garmin’s HD-ID target tracking will make sure the pictures you see on screen are as sharp and clear as ever, allowing you to spot bottoms and fish arches with remarkable accuracy.

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Garmin Echo 100 Review

Both depth and water temperature readings will be shown on the echo 100. With a power output of 100 watts at 200 kHz, you can look as deep as 100 feet, making it ideal for fishing in shallow waters and hiding places. Even in rough seas, the robust waterproof construction ensures that your money is protected!

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With a quick-release mount, you may attach the fish finder unit to your boat in seconds, and the transducer can be installed on both your transom and trolling motor for fast and simple installation. The good news is that everything is included in the package!


  • Audible alarms let you know if the water is shallow or deep.
  • Even at increased speeds, the Garmin ultra-scroll technology provides a crystal clear image.


  • Power – 10V-20V input
  • Power rating: 100W
  • Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Cone angle: 60 degrees
  • Display: 4 inch, 8 level grayscale
  • Display resolution: 160 x 256 px

Echo 100


Download here


  • Echo 100
  • Tilt and swivel mount with quick release function
  • Power cable
  • Transducer with mounting bracket, hardware, and trolling motor clamp
  • Documentation
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Shane Baker

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