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Garmin Echo 150 Review

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The Garmin Echo 150 offers dual-beam, high-power fish locating for less than $100. Depending on the water conditions, you may utilize a high-frequency beam or a low-frequency beam. The higher the frequency, the clearer your view. In shallow water, a higher frequency will give you better clarity, and a lower frequency will allow you to go deeper. Garmin’s HD-ID tracking technology will separate the targets for you and display crisp and clear echoes on the large 4-inch screen after you’ve taken a picture on your screen.

This is the 20,000 hour watch that has a 120-degree beam angle, which will provide you with an incredibly wide-angle view that goes well beyond the boundaries of your boat.

The Garmin Echo 150 also has ultrascroll technology from Garmin, which shows great SONAR readings even at high speeds.

Garmin Echo 150

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The ease of installation is further aided by the quick-release tilt mount and adaptable transom-mount transducer. Even on smaller boats, echo 150’s small form will keep it hidden away all day long.


  • Power: 200W
  • Frequency: 77/200 kHz
  • 200 kHz Beam width to 120 degrees, 77 kHz at 60 degrees
  • Display size: 4 inch
  • Display colors: 8-level FSTN grayscale display
  • Display resolution: 160 x 256 px
  • Depth alarms: Yes
  • Temperature: Yes
  • Mounting: Tilt/swivel mount
  • Transducer Mount: trolling motor clamp and transom mount

Echo 150


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  • Echo 150
  • The upper mount is a quick-release model that can be tilted and swiveled.
  • Power cable
  • Transducer with mounting bracket, hardware, and trolling motor clamp
  • Documentation
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