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Garmin echoMAP 44dv

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The Garmin echoMAP 44dv is a fish finder with a few key differences from the company’s other versions for 2024.

Nonetheless, I continue to believe that Garmin provides outstanding value and bang for your buck with its fish finders.

Let’s continue our Garmin echoMAP 44dv review with the following sections!

Compact and easy to install

Garmin echoMAP 44dv Review

The echoMAP 44dv is also simple to set up, as all Garmin fish finders are. The wires go direct into the mount, and the screen unit simply attaches and detaches. This may appear to be a minor feature at first, but when it comes to winterizing your boat and storing it, you’ll be thankful that removing your pricey equipment is so straightforward.

Furthermore, if you were to mount this equipment on a kayak that you use for both leisure and fishing, it would be simple to remove the unit when going out for a paddle rather than carrying your items all over.

Garmin also provides compatible trolling motor mounted transducers for bigger boats with a trolling motor, making the process even easier.

If your trolling motor incorporates a transducer, you can connect it to the Power Pro 3000.

Multiple SONAR options

The Garmin EchoMAP 44DV comes with a variety of SONAR frequencies to choose from, as well as conventional SONAR. DownVu(which stands for DownVu sonar) is a type of SONAR that illuminates the underwater environment in extremely vivid colors.

Ideally, you’d want to combine DownVu with both conventional SONAR and traditional SONAR, since DownVu is great at revealing structure and large schools of baitfish whereas traditional SONAR aids in the identification of bigger gamefish.

You may look as deep as 2000 feet in freshwater and 1000 feet in saltwater with the standard SONAR.

The Garmin EchoMap 44dv also includes CHIRP sonar, which utilizes numerous frequency sounds to obtain the clearest picture feasible. CHIRP is a more advanced form of SONAR that was previously only available at a high price. Technology has become less expensive and more readily accessible, allowing it to be included as a standard feature.

echoMAP 44dv

The advantages claim that once you’ve used CHIRP, it’s hard to go back. The clarity and precision (even though it is traditional SONAR rather than 3D SONAR) are unrivaled.Small screen size

The smaller display size may be a benefit or a drawback, depending on your requirements. If you need something compact, this is the way to go. You could end up squinting to see everything, and you’ll certainly lose some of the detail you can get on a larger screen, but hey, the smaller screen size means less money spent.


What I like most about the EchoMap 44dv is that it comes pre-loaded with Garmin’s excellent BlueChart G2 maps, making this tiny little device a full-fledged chartplotter. It’s not advised, but having one on board is definitely beneficial when traveling in a tiny boat or kayak.

The BlueChart G2 charts include basic charts, tidal stations, currents, depth contours, and IALA symbols.

What’s in the box

  • echoMAP 44dv with U.S. BlueChart® g2
  • Power/data cable
  • Quick-release mount
  • GT20-TM transducer (4-pin)
  • Transom mount
  • Trolling motor mount
  • Hardware
  • Documentation
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