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MotorGuide X3

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The MotorGuide X3’s combination of durability and dependability is one of its most noteworthy features. The X3 trolling motor is made for fishermen who want a trolling motor with a thrust range of 40 to 70 pounds. When comparing the various trolling motors on the market, one important factor to consider is the size of the fishing boat. Purchasers should also think about the size of the most popular lakes and any limitations that may apply to those waters.

The Variable Ration Steering on the MotorGuide X3, which is a premium feature on a motor this size, distinguishes it from other trolling motors in this class.

Mounting System and Power Management

The MotorGuide X3’s mounting system has been completely redesigned to provide more sturdiness and longevity. The aircraft-grade aluminum mount has the least amount of flex and allows for complete thrust control. Another benefit of the extruded aluminum mount is its simplicity of installation and rapid return to stowed position, in addition to a wider base with accessible motor height adjustment buttons and motor removal levers. A stainless steel bushing is also included at key wear locations on the MotorGuide X3 to minimize friction.

Digital power management, available on certain versions, allows for more fluid operation and longer battery life. The speed control system is housed in a sealed, self-contained unit that eliminates analog circuit boards and protects the speed control components. The pilot of the fishing boat may input the desired speed with ease and precision, which minimizes strain on the boat battery(ies). MotorGuide X3 Review

Composite Shaft and Steering

The MotorGuide X3 is powered by a bigger diameter prop shaft made of stainless steel. This composite construction gives longer life, greater corrosion resistance, and increased impact protection potential. The X3 is outfitted with a pull-pull dual cable steering system in addition to the heavier duty prop shaft. Variable Ratio Technology dampens torque steer by reducing feedback from the propeller shaft.

Improved control was also provided by the reinforcement for the X3 with foot pedal control.

Composite materials and durability

To resist corrosion and damage, the locking pins that keep the X3 in either use or stored positions are now composed of composite material. The most frequently worn part of any trolling motor is the locking pins, which can be the most frequent source of failure. The new composite pins also eliminate metal-on-metal clicking found on traditional metal pins on other trolling motors’ propellers.

A twin blade propeller allows for maximum output from the X3. The dual blades also aid in preventing frequent snags on grasses in shallow water.

Pros and Cons

The X3 has a bigger diameter shaft, composite materials, and Variable Ratio Technology steering to give long-lasting durability, simplicity of use, and rough hardyness. There is a foot pedal control that occasionally hinders the navigational arrow on top of the motor, but it is not a major problem for most owners and users.



The MotorGuide X3 is available in four different sizes to match a variety of boat sizes and water depths. The foot-controlled bow mount versions feature shaft lengths from 36” to 50”, with five speed control settings. Depending on the length of the shaft, peak thrust readings of between 45 pounds (36” shaft) and 70 pounds (50” shaft) are available with this setup. For the foot-controlled bow mount models, there is a digital control option featuring a digital variable speed control and an illuminated direction indication available in the 36″ and 45″ shaft lengths. The hand-controlled bow mount variants have a 50″ shaft length, 55 pounds of peak thrust and either 5/2 or digitally variable speed controls.

The hand-controlled bow mounted X3 models are intended for pontoon boats with lengths of 12-20 feet. The hand-operated bow mount model is available in three specifications: one for saltwater operation, one for freshwater operation, and one for both. A direction pointer isn’t included on any of the hand-controlled versions.


With a cost range of $350-$400 for the basic model, the MotorGuide X3 is a highly effective and cost-effective trolling motor for anglers of all levels. Anyone who purchases the MotorGuide X3 would be more than satisfied with their purchase as long as they do their research ahead of time and consider boat length, type of control required, type of water, size of lake and restrictions. The construction and composition, as well as the choices – such as the digital speed control module – offer years of service.

With appropriate care and storage, the MotorGuide X3 can provide enough power and durability to fish all of his or her desired lakes.
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