MotorGuide Xi5 Review in 2024 – Trolling Motor

MotorGuide Xi5 Review

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You don’t want to pick a trolling motor just because it looks nice. If you’re a serious fisherman, you’ll only want the best. Selecting a trolling motor is an important decision. The Xi5 trolling engine gives you the assurance of a well-made product coupled with high-function and quality.

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The Xi5 trolling motor was designed with a lot of hard work and effort. It is the end result of a years-long study and development process in terms of production, aesthetic, and engineering. The Xi5 Trolling motor has built-in wireless capabilities right out of the box. This makes it simple to set up and utilize when you get it.

The Xi5 is a high-tech marvel, to say the least. It has all of the bells and whistles of more expensive models at a fraction of the cost. The state-of-the-art Xi5 is nothing if not precise. For ultimate precision, it utilizes a sophisticated ball-bearing steering mechanism. This helps to minimize noise levels that other engine designs are known for creating. Because of its high level of design sophistication, the Xi5 trolling motor’s advanced engineering allows it to do all the work for you.

The electronically sophisticated covering that protects all electrical components from moisture and dust is also applied to the electrical elements of the trolling motor. This protective feature, as well as the new composite shaft, makes this product virtually indestructible. The new composite shaft, which is backed by a lifetime guarantee, is much more flexible than other comparable products. By bending without breaking, the composite shaft can handle any trolling challenges, eliminating one more item for consumers to worry about.

MotorGuide Xi5

The Xi5’s all-new generation energy saving technology included in the Xi5 makes it one of the most energy-efficient trolling motors available. This cutting-edge science allows the engine to run cooler than previous trolling motors, so that heat waste is now conserved. You’ll have to change the battery less frequently and your battery will live longer in real life because of this. The actual time battery indicator also informs you when you need a charge ahead of time, allowing you to plan for the next boating excursion.

There are many different cartridges available for the Mariner X9000 motor, including a 3-star rating on Lowrance’s website. -> A wireless steering pedal is one of the most remarkable features of this device. The heel-toe form ensures smooth and accurate movement. It enables speeds that are 50% greater than those of the competition without sacrificing accuracy or stealth. The Xi5 trolling engine also has digital variable speed control, allowing for longer operating times while still allowing for low-speed trolling capabilities not seen in previous models.

There are several safety options, such as a double locked, low-profile mount that minimizes the risk of unintentional deployment and motor damage. The corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum construction of this model makes it resistant to corrosion, resulting in a long-lasting product that will become an automatic go-to for future boating.

Pros and cons

While the product has received mostly positive feedback online, there have been a few complaints. Users complained about the functionality and learning curve of the foot pedal. It’s counter-intuitive and unlike other pedal models, according to users. Customers, on the other hand, claim that once they become accustomed to how the Xi5 works, they wouldn’t want to boat without it. Customers appear to be particularly pleased with Xi5’s dependability, speed control, and fine steering. There has also been a lot of praise for the precise GPS system, which is an optional feature.



The pinpoint GPS function that comes standard on the Xi5 trolling motor or can be added to it has several advantages over other similar technologies. The most well-known advantage of this technology is the anchoring capability. You may use your GPS to anchor and ensure you remain within a few feet of your position when you reach a certain spot. Even wind and currents won’t keep you away. Up to eight distinct locations may be designated as anchor spots, which can later be used.

The heading lock feature makes it a breeze to get where you want to go. Simply by entering in the destination and locking it, the motor will swiftly carry you there. From that point on, simply follow the highway until you reach your favorite fishing sites and boat ports.

Cruise control is a standard feature on today’s motors. However, the precise GPS available with the Xi5 takes into account environmental factors like wind and water movement when determining speed settings. This means that even if the weather isn’t ideal, your boat may be used. Keeping a strictly constant boat speed makes it simple to kick back and enjoy the open sea.

The Whistler’s GPS also has a jogging function. The jogging function enables you to walk five feet in any direction. Because moving only slightly might be difficult, finding the fishing sweet spot may be tough at times. This feature takes some of the misery out of what would otherwise be an amazing fishing experience. You can record up to eight routes, each four miles long, and save them for later playback.


The Xi5 trolling motor offers a lot of convenience, and it’s easy to see why. It’s also a finely tuned machine built for longevity and accuracy that provides peace of mind on the water. More than that, though, it is a highly sophisticated mechanism designed for endurance and precision. The superb GPS navigation with the highest-quality standard features gives boating an experience unlike any other.

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